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My Life Before Nozbe

There is a point in one’s life where they simply have to stop and realize you have too much going on and too much falling between the cracks. Commitments are not being handled and your integrity has fallen to a dreadful level. This is where I was at when I discovered GTD or Getting Things Done.

There are many ways to apply GTD (Getting Things Done, the methodology by David Allen).  You can use as simple as paper and pencil to create your various lists, or you can get sophisticated and use modern software.    When you read the book Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free ProductivityNozbe there is an excitement.  Immediately you want to get started and get your life organized.  The problem is determining which application you should use for tracking your projects, your tasks, your contexts, and your calendar.

There are a multitude of software applications available and the old fashioned pencil and paper is not quite adequate.   When I was looking for a good system to dedicate myself to, it was very difficult and confusing.  So many systems look alike.

I am a Windows user, so a Windows application is a possibility, but what about when I am not at my computer?  I needed an application that I could use with my phone, or even log into from someone else’s computer.  Well that means I likely need a web-based application.   That narrows the list a little bit.

After looking at varying GTD Software systems, I finally settled upon Nozbe.   Nozbe was the application that seemed to fit the bill.  First and foremost it followed the GTD method as defined by Mr. Allen very closely.   Second, it was a web based application, which means I can access it from any Internet connected computer.  Thirdly, it had the mobile apps I needed.   When I first started using Nozbe, I was using an iPhone.  Well guess what, there’s an app for that!    Now however, I am using a Droidx and need an Android application.  They fortunately just released the Android version of Nozbe.


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A closer look at Nozbe

Let me introduce you to this GTD application that really made a huge difference in my life.

First of Nozbe works with the concept of Project.  The projects contain tasks.  Tasks can be assigned a duration, a due date and time, and a context.  If the task is a key action, it can be flagged as a next action by simply clicking the star.  Additionally, the Next Action flag is automatically activated for those tasks hitting their due date.

In setting up the projects you can group projects with a Label.  So I have the higher level areas of my life, such as personal, work, health, family, etc. as labels.  Under those labels, I have various projects.  For example, under the Work label, I have a project for each of my clients and a project for my boss.  So any delegated activities go in my boss’ project.  Any actions I need to take for any client goes in the client’s project.

Nozbe Introduction Video

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I stick with the GTD rule of only 1 or 2 actions are key to moving a project forward and so those become my next actions.   Like pure GTD, there are no priorities.  Instead you focus in on what is needed to advance the project.

The last aspect of Nozbe that I enjoy is that it has set me in motion for Taking Action!  I find that having all of my to dos in a trusted system generates the focused action that  I need to get things done.

Getting Nozbe

If you are looking to get organized once and for all, accomplish more things and move your life forward then you need to get Nozbe.  The good news is you can try Nozbe out for free.   So get into action now and give Nozbe a try.

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  1. Tony Mobily says:


    I’d love yo hear your opinion about Apollo too!

    Apollo does project management + CRM. It has calendars, timers, cases&deals, Basecamp/Highrise importer, and tons more.

    It’s not quite GTD yet… but it’s definitely close!

    Let us know,


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